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Mid Century Pierrot Clown Oil Painting

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Delight in the charm and vibrancy of this captivating oil painting portraying a Pierrot clown. The endearing image captures the essence of a French clown, adorned in a white hat and a blue shirt. The iconic white-painted face conveys the subtle melancholy typical of Pierrots, all brought to life with expressive and bold brushstrokes.

Presented on canvas with a tasteful wooden frame, this piece is a creation of Georges Prestat, signed and dated 1948 in Amiens.

The painting has gracefully stood the test of time, maintaining its general good condition and preserving the artistic allure of this whimsical Pierrot portrayal.

Georges Prestat is a French painter who was trained at the School of Fine Arts in Amiens. After his studies he was drawn to Africa. He settled in Libreville, Gabon, then moved to Brazzaville before finally arriving in Bangui, Central African Republic.

He returned to France in 1969 to exhibit his oil paintings, watercolors, and sculptures. Numerous exhibitions followed in Germany, the Netherlands, and several countries in Northern Europe. He received awards for his sculptures and created numerous lithographs.

The painting is in a general good state and was probably made during or right after his studies in Amiens. 

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Mid Century Pierrot Clown Oil Painting
Mid Century Pierrot Clown Oil Painting Sale price€580,00