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Large 'Ndop' Indigo Textile

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Captivating ceremonial textile from Cameroon—an exquisite vintage "Ndop" piece dyed with natural indigo and stitched with raffia.

Crafted from hand-spun, thick cotton circa 1950-1960, this remarkable textile boasts amazing graphics and a rich history. "Ndop" refers to a raffia-stitched, resist-dyed textile, primarily produced in Cameroon and other West African countries. This specific Ndop textile originates from the Bamileke, Bamum, and Bamenda people of the Grasslands of Cameroon in the mid-20th century.

The handwoven cotton cloth features bold resist dye technique designs in white against an indigo background, creating a prestigious loin cloth. Traditionally used as a hanging or curtain to adorn the palace or the wall behind the king's throne during ceremonies, it was also worn as a skirt by dancers at important events.

Whether utilized as a bed or sofa covering or displayed as a striking wall hanging art piece, this Ndop textile carries with it the cultural richness and artistic heritage of Cameroon, adding a touch of unique history to your space.

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Large 'Ndop' Indigo Textile
Large 'Ndop' Indigo Textile Sale price€1.580,00