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Antique Roman Sing Book "Antiphonaire"

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Impressive antique hymnal or songbook titled "Antiphonaire, Antiphonarium Romanum," featuring Latin Gregorian hymns of Psalms, dated 1862.

This Antiphonary serves as a Catholic liturgical book that compiles the scores of prayer offices known as Canonical Hours. Its name originates from "antiphon," a song performed alternately by two choirs and found within the antiphonary.

Crafted with a beautiful large leather cover and iron detailing, this antique songbook contains Gregorian chants sung during Mass. The book features substantial paper pages, displaying printed Latin songs and sheet music.

SKU: Deco-2887
Antique Roman Sing Book "Antiphonaire"
Antique Roman Sing Book "Antiphonaire" Sale price€420,00