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Scented Candle Menthe, Sauvignon & Anis

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The Menthe, Sauvignon and Anis scented candle is produced by Cirerie de Gascogne in the French Gascony region, a lush green and hilly region, full of old bastides and vineyards, wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees.

The fragrances of the Cicerie de Gascogne candles are derived from this region and its seasons. This has led to a series of atypical scented candles full of character, instantly evoking the ambiance of autumn, winter, spring, or summer within your home.

Through unique and atypical pairings these candles make for surprisingly delightful scents. The fusion of Mint, Sauvignon, and Anise delivers a refreshing, palate-cleansing fragrance—a perfect addition to your kitchen or any space in need of a refreshing touch.

The Cirerie de Gascogne candles are made of natural wax with a cotton wick and are all poured by hand.

Scented Candle Menthe, Sauvignon & Anis
Scented Candle Menthe, Sauvignon & Anis Sale price€29,00