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Archivist Gallery Matches Toucan

Sale price€10,80

We have been big fans of the beautiful matchboxes and matches from The Archivist Gallery for a long time. The matches and boxes are generously sized, making them suitable for lighting a whole series of candles at once.

The Archivist Gallery was founded in 1994 by Sarah and William Allardice to offer exceptional printed materials in the form of cards and stationery. The prints are sourced from the archives of the Natural History Museum. Over time, The Archivist Gallery has also collaborated with other archives and artists worldwide, resulting in an amazing range of prints, cards, and, not to forget, luxury matches.

This matchbox features an illustration by illustrator Ariane Butto.

The matches are non-toxic. Unlike other matches, The Archivist Gallery's matches do not contain harmful substances such as sulfur or zinc oxide.

Archivist Gallery Matches Toucan
Archivist Gallery Matches Toucan Sale price€10,80