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Antique Indigo Blue Armoire

Sale price€3.280,00

A carved 19th-century French antique armoire, originally designed for country weddings, showcases a rich blue hue achieved through natural indigo pigments. This wardrobe features interior shelves, providing both beauty and functionality.

The organic indigo used in the coloring process is derived from the leaves of the Indigofera tinctoria plant, making it one of the oldest dyes known to humankind. Historically, indigo has been used for various purposes, such as dyeing shrouds for Egyptian burials, uniforms for Napoleon’s Army, prestige cloth for African chiefs, and denim for blue jeans. The color indigo is symbolic of integrity and intuition. The arduous process of dyeing wood with indigo took several years and numerous experiments to achieve the desired rich and dark blue tones.

This sizable armoire is in excellent condition for an antique, having undergone restoration and natural coloring. While there may be some surface imperfections consistent with age and use, there are no mechanical or structural issues.

For ease of transport, the armoire will be disassembled, including the top, sides, back parts, doors, bottom, and shelves.

SKU: Armoire-2831
Antique Indigo Blue Armoire
Antique Indigo Blue Armoire Sale price€3.280,00