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1970s Color Pop Vintage Moroccan Rug

Sale price€2.880,00

Transform your living space with the distinctive charm of this vintage Moroccan rug from the 1970s. Versatile in its design, this rug can be elegantly displayed on the floor or hung as an artistic masterpiece on your wall.

Exhibiting the vibrant essence of Moroccan aesthetics, this rug boasts a rich and colorful composition. Its ability to seamlessly merge practicality with symbolism is what sets Moroccan style carpets apart, rendering them truly captivating.

In the 1930s, visionaries such as Le Corbusier, Alvar Alto, Charles, and Ray Eames recognized the allure of Moroccan rugs, juxtaposing their sumptuous and soft textures against the sleek lines of leather and chrome furnishings. The later decades of the 20th century witnessed a resurgence in admiration for these carpets, reinstating them as sought-after decor elements.

Meticulously hand-knotted using substantial wool, this rug hails from the skilled artisans of Morocco. Its authenticity and character are further accentuated by its heavyweight composition. Notably, this carpet has undergone professional cleaning by a specialized carpet cleaner, focusing on the intricacies of heavy Berber carpets, ensuring its impeccable condition.

Elevate your space with the timeless and fun Moroccan masterpiece, a testament to both cultural heritage and artistic finesse.

SKU: Furn-2944
1970s Color Pop Vintage Moroccan Rug
1970s Color Pop Vintage Moroccan Rug Sale price€2.880,00