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Incense Regeneration

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The distinctive fragrance of blossoming Japanese cherry trees announces the onset of spring, symbolizing a time of rejuvenation. The Regeneration sticks delicately fill a space with a floral aroma, perfect for greeting guests. Additionally, it's a preferred choice to prolong the evening after dinner.

With a smokeless combustion and a delicate fragrance, Thelma Paris incenses are made in Japan following ancestral methods and know-how. The sticks are made from high quality aromatic raw materials: woods, resins, and oils carefully selected with respect to the environment in which they are collected.

To use the incense, place the stick in an incense-holder, light it, extinguish the flame if necessary and enjoy the space that opens up to you. Incense should not be inhaled directly, the subtlety of the fragrance develops better with a little distance. The Thelma Paris stick has no bamboo stem which provides the experience of the true scent of incense diffused without the smell of burnt wood.

Incense Regeneration
Incense Regeneration Sale price€28,80