Set of Hindelooper Chairs


Set of two antique Dutch handpainted Hindelooper chairs.

H 112 cm. W 56 cm. D 44 cm. Seating starts at 48 cm, height.

Hindelooper painting is folk art painting originating from the Frisian town of Hindeloopen. The art was applied to all kinds of furniture, from chairs and tables to cupboards, travel trunks and even egg cups.

The motifs include often floral designs of acanthus leaves, tulips, poppy bulbs and roses. Animals were also depicted; especially birds of paradise, which would bring good luck. Larger works show Biblical images, seascapes or landscapes or allegorical female figures, such as the triad of faith, hope and love.

Due to the economic downturn in the Netherlands in the first half of the 19th century, the Hinderlooper heritage has been in great danger of being lost. Amateur painter Hendrik Lap (1824-1874) is probably the only person who portrayed the lost folk culture.

Arend Roosje (1869-1914) is the first one who starts painting professionally again. In 1894 he starts his own workshop and begins to teach. After this people start to appreciate and to collect Hindelooper furniture again.

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Set of two antique Dutch handpainted Hindelooper chairs.