“Verdure” Greenery Antique Wall Tapestry


Large Pastoral Verdure Tapestry / Tapisserie or Wall Hanging. A fabulous handwoven tapestry in an excellent condition with a very beautiful design of greenery. The wall hanging depicts a traditional “Verdure” scene. Featuring a beautiful lush lakeside setting, replete with various trees, flowers, and exotic birds, and with a villagescape in the distance. Enclosed by a scrolling border of flowering. The detailed, decorative wall hanging tapestry is in a very good condition with hooks/eyes making it ready to hang.

Signed R.F. (Robert Four), Verdure aux Oiseaux – Tissage a la main, Mur du Nomade, Paris. ROBERT FOUR PARIS AUBUSSON

Antique rug style, Tapestry Flemish style wall decoration, decorative rug in the style of Aubusson.

Hand-knotted wool, vegetable dyed, hand-woven organic material, needlework and needlepoint. A similar technique is used for making the tapestry as in Aubusson.

Aubusson, a town on the river Creuse in central France, became a center of tapestry manufacturing in the 17th and 18th centuries during the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV. Aubusson became the source for the aristocracy, hence the typically monumental sizes of Aubusson rugs and tapestries. Employing a method known as “warping” and executed on a low horizontal loom, the weavers of Aubusson were able to create an illusion of depth in their works. Aubusson textiles are also usually identified by their stylized framing motifs and neoclassical themes.

Measures:  220 x 166 cm.

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A fabulous vintage handwoven tapestry in an excellent condition by Robert Four Atelier.