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Breaking a Mirror means bad luck? Where does this idea come from?

As we are dealing a lot with antique mirrors, accidents can happen and sometimes a mirror does break! During transport or just an unlucky fall. And then? Doe we really experience seven years of bad luck? One of this accidents recently started our research. Where does this idea actually come from? The mirror in myth


Everyone Is Buying Mirrors Right Now—But Why?

Original story by Elise Taylor, edited by Alexis Bennet for Vogue We share this article on our website, because we find it quite fascinating that the sales of antique mirrors during the Covid-19 lockdown went through the roof. So indeed! What is going on!? Not only the Ultrafragola mirror was much sought after; full length


Fake vs Real: How to spot a fake antique mirror from a real one?

Antique framed mirrors can cost a pretty penny. Since the 17th century, mirrors were a status symbol. Their uniqueness and high cost meant that only royalty and well-to-do households could afford them. As such, most antique mirrors boast of ornate carvings and gilt finishing – all symbols of a luxurious lifestyle.⁠ So, would you like