Our mirrors are a selection of authentic quality mirrors from the 18th and 19th century.

The majority of our mirrors are of French and Italian origin with gilded gold leaf frames and original antique mirror glass.


Framing History

All of our 18th and 19th century mirrors are individual works of art, framing a unique time-image of history.

Our mirrors all contain their original mercury or silver nitrate mirror glass. Mercury glass consists of an alloy of mercury and tin that creates the reflecting surface.


The Louis XV Style / Rococo Period

This style is also known as Rococo and uses elements of the Baroque and Regency period excessively. Themes found in nature, such as plants, vines, and acanthus leaves, are forming the main source of inspiration for this style. Other motifs used are flowing scrolls, frills and curls on the gold leaf frames. Characteristic for this period is that motifs became more delicate and asymmetrical, resulting in a light and playful style.

19th Century mirrors in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI

Due to change in the production of French mirrors and the rise of workshops in the 19th century, craftsmen no longer hand-stitched the frames. However, the craftsmanship of the mirrors remains remarkable. The workshops, became inspired by different styles of the previous centuries. This means that mirrors in the style of different 18th century styles - such as the Rococo, Louis XV, or Louis XVI - are made with 19th century techniques. The ancient method of the gilded frame remains unchanged.
As response to the excess and rich decorating of the Baroque, the Louis XVI style is much more sober and simple. Frames became more rectangular and more flat. The emphasis on nature as head motif shifted to include the themes of vases, flowers and musical instruments.

19th Century mirrors in the style of Louis Philippe (1830 - 1850)

These mirrors are all made in the French workshops during the 19th century. Their motifs vary from very sober to richly decorated, which is most noticeable in the stylized top crests. Characterizing motifs of the Louis Philippe style are lots of shells and meandering flowers on both sides of the frame.


Italian Rococo style Mirror


Large Italian Baroque Mirror


Large Rococo Mirror


18th C Wood Carved Marriage Mirror


18th C Wood Carved Marriage Mirror


18th C Wood Carved Marriage Mirror


19th C Large Louis XV style Mirror with Heart Crown


Large 19th C Louis Philippe Mirror with a Rococo Crest


19th C Medium Louis Philippe Mirror with Small Angels