Antique Armoires

All the armoires in our collection are antique items, over a 100 years old. Most of our armoires have a French provenance; others we have come across during our travels to Italy. The heritage of our armoires is always mentioned in their descriptions.



Restoring Antique Armoires

For more than 30 years, Michiel Wildschut has been selecting, restoring and selling antique armoires, bibliothèques and cabinets.

Eye for detail and knowledge
The appeal of antiques is that many pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, and made with a level of craftsmanship that can be otherwise impossible to find today. Michiel is a craftsman himself with a precise hand and an eye for detail. Every object that he brings into the shop is carefully curated. He pays special consideration to the state of the object and tries to keep everything as original as possible.


We restore all armoires and cabinets so that they can be used on a daily basis. We make shelves or hanging according to your wishes.


We try to preserve the original patina as much as possible. We clean the wood and clear it from termites. In our collection, you can find...

Fancy Glass ‘Mermaid’ Bibliothèque
Louis XIV Mirror and Wardrobe Armoire
Italian Neoclassical Armoire with Original Patina
Fancy Glass Mahogany Bibliothèque
Original Cherrywood Louis Philippe
Ebonized Napoleon III Bibliothèque