Boucherouite Multicolored


Very festive and artistic Moroccan “boucherouite” or rag rug.

A boucherouite is a Moroccan rag rug, woven entirely with cut-up pieces of fabric from old clothes, etc. Boucherouite also means rag or torn cloth in Moroccan Arabic.

A relatively recent phenomenon, such weavings are products of socio-economic changes in Moroccan society, with nomadic tribes settling in towns, abandoning animal husbandry and losing access to wool. A very creative, artistic response by talented Moroccan women to changing life circumstances.

This vintage boucherouite rug was produced in Morocco during the 1970s. It is like an explosion of color and in a good vintage condition. It has been cleaned. Can be used as carpet or hung to the wall as an art piece. Perfect for children’s rooms as they can be washed.

W 110 cm. L 136 cm.

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