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Samardziski Adagio Painting

Modern oil painting, depicting a “Adagio” music piece on paper.

Price on request

Large oil painting by painter Ljupco Samardziski, 1990s.

Ljupco Samardzisk is both a musician, composer and painter. His paintings are often inspired by the music of great composers like Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach and Chopin.

After a brilliant career as a musician Ljupco followed it up with an equally brilliant career as a painter. He was born in Skopje, Macedonia and has lived in Belgrade, Paris and for last 17 years in Malta. He is now 64 years old. He recalls his happy childhood in Skopje in the ex-Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia where he lived with his parents and sister until he was 17. He then started to travel around the world ‘following my star and I am a traveller still.’

Today he is known as a painter, but his education was a musical one. He says he has grown up with music in his ears as his father too was a musician. He has given about one hundred concerts all around Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and the most important one at the Carnegie Hall in New York. After this concert he went on to play in Mexico City where the critics proclaimed him Foreign Artist of the Year for 1981. These concert years were spent travelling from one country to another and staying in hotels around the world, but rarely at home. Ljupco soon began to appreciate the peace provided by a painter’s atelier than the dynamic one of a musician always on the road. Although he maintains that music is his life, by painting the world he discovered a new life. His artist friends pushed him to produce more work and to exhibit it. This new career started almost 30 years ago and even today he paints his personal compositions as well as those inspired by his favourite music of other composers.

Samardziski states that, “With every painting I hope to craft some kind of individual story of my own; seduced as I am by the endless possibilities of paint. Just as the writer searches for the ideal word and the musician for the ideal melody or note to express their feelings, so the painter searches for that colour which will serve as an expression of the innermost aspects of his or her soul.

“Music, poetry, drama, literature and all the other forms of art originate from a common global aura that encapsulates artistic feeling. I believe, that this aura does not just inspire the artists, but holds them in believing that the ideal can be realised. That is the power of word from the theatre stage, of music, painting and art.”

Over the years, works by Mr Samardziski have received glowing reviews in a number of publications and he has developed a loyal following of collectors.