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Pink Fluffy Boucherouite

Artistic Moroccan “boucherouite” in beautiful pink  tones.

€ 775,-

W 113 cm. L 213 cm.

A boucherouite rug is a Moroccan rag rug, woven entirely with cut-up pieces of fabric from old clothes, etc. Boucherouite also means rag or torn cloth in Moroccan Arabic. This pink boucherouite is made out of cactus fibres. 

A relatively recent phenomenon, such weavings are products of socio-economic changes in Moroccan society, with nomadic tribes settling in towns, abandoning animal husbandry and losing access to wool. A very creative, artistic response by talented Moroccan women to changing life circumstances.

This vintage boucherouite rug was produced in Morocco during the 1970s. It is in a good vintage condition. Can be used as carpet or hung to the wall as an art piece.



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