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13 Jan


Inuit Art

January 13, 2016 | By |

Baker_Lake_Wall_Hanging_-_Victoria_MamnguqsualukVictoria Mamnguqsualuk, Hunters (detail)

In the early 1950s, works by Inuit artists began to be sold. Since that era, widely recognized as the beginning of contemporary Inuit art, artists have been creating unique artworks inspired by traditional life on the land, the natural and spirit world, lived experiences, stories and legends. They have been experimenting with a variety of artistic media and techniques resulting in distinctive personal styles.

Fabric collage wall hangings emerged during the 1970s. Inuit women adapted their traditional sewing skills and mastery of stitchery to create high-quality artworks from wool duffle or stroud with felt appliqués and embroidery. The artworks depict a variety of subjects ranging from narrative traditional camp life scenes to arctic animals and the spirit world.exhibition_145_media_file_3151Naomi Ityi, Untitled, c. 1973. Wool felt, embroidery floss on wool duffle Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Feheley Fine Arts Gallery in Canada has a large collection to give you some more inspiration.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 18.01.03 Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 18.01.49

17 Aug


Kühn Keramik

August 17, 2015 | By |

A charming ceramic shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where Ignant made this beautiful photo series. Located in a former pharmacy, the shelves of the showroom are bursting with handmade ceramic pieces. After climbing down the staircase from what used to be a poison cabinet, you enter the workshop where Bernhard Kühn and his team create everything from unique cups and plates to small decorative sculptures. The products are made of clay from the Westerwald region and the glaze comes from Meissen. They are typically spruced up with gold, silver or platinum. Additionally, they feature more than 400 different motifs burnt into the ceramic. No piece is like the other, yet they all carry Kühn’s signature style.

Next to the ceramics we love the old pharmacy interior and chandeliers very much! Have a look…

kuehn_keramik_03 kuehn_keramik_04 kuehn_keramik_23 kuehn_keramik_26 kuehn_keramik_30
kuehn_keramik_02 kuehn_keramik_33

Source: Ignant

14 Jun


Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature

June 14, 2015 | By |

Processed with VSCOcam with e4 presetLa Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (the Museum of hunting and nature) is maybe the most underrated museum in the city of Paris. Behind a blue doorway, this place is an absolute gem. And the best part is – it’s completely empty! The museum also has very much kept up with the times, mixing modern art installations and cabinets of curiosities alongside pieces that have been held in the French archives for centuries. They get a little funky with their taxidermy sometimes too.
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Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, 62 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris. 

10 Mar


1980s Moscow Olympics

March 10, 2015 | By |

Anastasia_Tsayder_Olympic_Game_80-1For St. Petersburg born photographer Anastasia Tsayder, moving to Moscow came as a shock. Accustomed to the classical architecture of the 19th century, she was surprised to now be surrounded by Soviet style buildings of the late 70’s. She took an interest in the history of the urban development of her new city and found that many of the structures were built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Around the time Tsayder moved to Moscow, the country was in full swing preparing for the Sochi 2014 winter games. Interested in legacy of the 1980 Olympic games, she sought out to photograph these now defunct buildings for her series Summer Olympics, as it may serve as an example for the fate of these single use venues in the future.

Shot on a twin-lens Rolleiflex, Tsayder’s intention was to get inside these often forgotten buildings to discover and document their current use, more than thirty years after they were built. Many of the original functions of these sports venues are lost.

Source: Feature Shoot



10 Mar


The Vanishing Indigenous

March 10, 2015 | By |


The Goroka, Papua New Guinea

Some more Jimmy Nelson today…

Putting aside a successful career, British photographer Jimmy Nelson embarked on a treacherous, lengthy journey to document the last remaining indigenous people of the world. From the thick, wet Amazon rain forests of Ecuador to the frigid tundras of Siberia, Nelson sought out and spent significant time with each native culture, grasping a genuine understanding of their lives and traditions.

Before They Pass Away is a poignant chronicle of heritage and humanity that threatens to be lost forever. Reed the full Featureshoot interview wit Nelson about his work.

© Jimmy Nelson BV Courtesy teNeues.

The Rabari, India

The Mursi, Ethiopia

The Kalam, Papua New Guinea

The Maori, New Zealand

06 Jan


LouLou van Damme

January 6, 2015 | By |

Great piece on India based bohemian designer Loulou Van Damme and her artfully simply guesthouse in South India in T Magazine

11travel-well-loulou-slide-C3F5-tmagArticle 11travel-well-loulou-slide-E62S-blog480 11travel-well-loulou-slide-MA8J-tmagArticle 11travel-well-loulou-slide-URB2-tmagArticle

Photographs by Simon Roberts

22 Dec


Its gonna be a cold winter!

December 22, 2014 | By |

If you think that winter has already come to your city, pictures from Oymyakon, the coldest village on Earth, might change your mind. With the lowest temperature of -67.7°C (-90°F), recorded in 1933, and the average for January being -50°C (-60°F), this village is the coldest permanently inhabited place on this planet. New Zealand-based photographer Amos Chapple decided to go on a two-day journey from Yakutsk, the coldest major city on Earth, to capture what everyday life is like in Oymyakon. The photographer recalls that the hardest thing was not the cold itself, but that his camera’s focus and zoom rings would occasionally freeze in place.

Source: Bored Panda

coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-13 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-14 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-16 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-19 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-20 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-24 coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chaple-25