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10 Mar


1980s Moscow Olympics

March 10, 2015 | By |

Anastasia_Tsayder_Olympic_Game_80-1For St. Petersburg born photographer Anastasia Tsayder, moving to Moscow came as a shock. Accustomed to the classical architecture of the 19th century, she was surprised to now be surrounded by Soviet style buildings of the late 70’s. She took an interest in the history of the urban development of her new city and found that many of the structures were built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Around the time Tsayder moved to Moscow, the country was in full swing preparing for the Sochi 2014 winter games. Interested in legacy of the 1980 Olympic games, she sought out to photograph these now defunct buildings for her series Summer Olympics, as it may serve as an example for the fate of these single use venues in the future.

Shot on a twin-lens Rolleiflex, Tsayder’s intention was to get inside these often forgotten buildings to discover and document their current use, more than thirty years after they were built. Many of the original functions of these sports venues are lost.

Source: Feature Shoot



06 Jan


LouLou van Damme

January 6, 2015 | By |

Great piece on India based bohemian designer Loulou Van Damme and her artfully simply guesthouse in South India in T Magazine

11travel-well-loulou-slide-C3F5-tmagArticle 11travel-well-loulou-slide-E62S-blog480 11travel-well-loulou-slide-MA8J-tmagArticle 11travel-well-loulou-slide-URB2-tmagArticle

Photographs by Simon Roberts

26 Nov


Anabo Love!

November 26, 2014 | By |

1Taking inspiration from the past, the Anabo panoramic wallpapers papers are painted entirely by hand, then scanned and printed in their Bordeaux workshops. Have a look for yourself! 

356-gg Caudalie Bengale

31 Oct


Lalanne Magic

October 31, 2014 | By |


As for transformations at Halloween, here is the most perfect imaginative disguised furniture, designed by Claude & Francois-Xavier Lalanne.

“The supreme art is the art of living.” – Francois-Xavier Lalanne

For more than four decades, the French husband-and-wife artists François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne have charmed the art and style glitterati with their whimsical, sensual sculptures. François-Xavier’s famous bronze-and-wool sheep and donkey or rhinoceros desks, and Claude’s botanical-inspired furniture and flatware, are elegantly oblivious of the boundaries between fine and decorative art.

Claude & Francois-Xavier Lalanne

6b7da791fd35e702ccc2819d6c9ffc05 134f962a7bb13ce7795992165dc58f7a 763ee0335fda9b6aeeeee92ab42f9b9d 3120b06792c3b7421bc02ac988d8ea0b b5f69b7e12cf8c56870253383f006999 b16e617986aba8a355bced39d6c84bec c5bce0fe17880648c11ae826660ebfa7

Lalanne1 Lalanne2

22 Oct


Sotheby’s Furniture Auction Picks

October 22, 2014 | By |

Get inspired by our picks from the upcoming 19th Century Furniture and Decorative Art auction at Sotheby’s New York, 29 Oct 2014.

Sothebys-bombe-commode Maison Jansen, ca. 1880-1980, Louis XV style decorated bombe commode, Paris, mid-20th C, est. 6,000 – 8,000 USD

Sothebys-panterAntoine-Louis Barye, Panthere de Tunis No2, est. 3,000 – 5,000 USD


Charles Cumberworth, 1811-1852, Louis-Philippe gilt and patinated bronze five light candelabra, France, first half 19th-Century, est. 15,000 – 20,000 USD


A pair of Meissen ‘Schneeballen’ bottle vases and covers, late 19th C, est. 6,000 – 9,000 & est. 8,000 – 12,000 USD


07 Oct


India’s Cinematic Culture

October 7, 2014 | By |

India-Cinema-1Otherworldly. As a testimony to the rich cinematic culture of South India, German photographers Sabine Haubitz + Stefanie Zoche documented the vibrantly-colored façades and abstract architectural facets of movie theaters.

They state: “We are particularly interested in the culturally influenced reinterpretation of modern building style apparent in the architectural style which displays an unusual mixture of modernism, local architectural elements, a strong use of colour and, in the case of some older cinema halls, of art deco.”



06 Sep



September 6, 2014 | By |

Sans titre-4

This summer we visited Gaztelur, a project by Olivier Granet & Marta de la Rica. We are very happy to get to know these fun and inspiring people with a lot of beautiful dreams.  We wish you all the best on your projects!

Sans titre-69

Sans titre-64

Sans titre-741

Sans titre-41

Sans titre-16

Sans titre-26-1

Sans titre-25-1

Sans titre-3

Sans titre-29

Sans titre-754



12 Aug


Soft Focus

August 12, 2014 | By |

Featuring our brilliant Louis XIV style armoire in JAN magazine! Thanks guys!


26 Jul


The Playing Circle – The Loft

July 26, 2014 | By |

TheLoft_AicoLind-7-800x533The Loft, by The Playing Circle,  is an Amsterdam apartment where a carefully curated collection of design, art and craft culminate in one inspiring interior design experience. All hand picked and pleasantly pieced together. From the tables and chairs to the carpets on the floor and even the books on the bedside table – everything in the Loft is for sale. During the month the Loft is open, a variety of inspiring events will be hosted in the Loft, ranging from dinner clubs and movie nights to lectures and high teas. The Loft is located in The Cristofori Concert Hall at Prinsengracht 583, on the 5th floor.
Dates: 19th of July – 15th of August 2014. Open Mon-Sat: 10:00 – 18:00.






22 Jul


Fading Glory – Calke Abbey

July 22, 2014 | By |

wpid-wp-1403886872611-1024x1024Sir Vauncey Harpur’s Bedroom

Our friend Jonathan Gration (PhD candidate within the Digital Building Heritage group at De Montfort University in Leicester) writes about his projects and inspirations. This time: Calke Abbey!

Jonathan Gration: “With the large portfolio of properties they manage the National Trust has decided to experiment with wandering off their own beaten track. Calke Abbey is the happy result of such an experiment. {…} The motto here has been ‘repair don’t restore’, and it really works. This is one of the very few places where one can experience a grand house at that pivotal point when the family moves out and it is entrusted to a heritage organisation. {…} Very little seems to have ever been sold, and the house is full of various collections. The Harpur-Crewe family obviously had a penchant for collecting stuffed birds and animals, as they are present in nearly every room in huge quantities. {…} The domestic quarters, cellars, tunnels (yes tunnels!) and gardens are splendid in their state of decay, and form a very evocative tableaux. {…} This is definitely not a house that will appeal to everyone, some might think it depressing or ghostly. {…} But if you get what the national Trust tried to do here, and can see why its so important why that story is told, then Calke offers an almost magical experience.”

Read the whole article at Jonathan’s blog Digital Anastylosis

wpid-wp-1403887059960-1024x1024Suspended in time with a stunningly subtle polychromatic display.


P1070659-684x1024Beautifully preserved, the Chinese silk bed hangings of the state bed.

P1070598x-1024x1024Once the Great Hall, now the Billiard Room, like the rest of the house full of display cases with stuffed animals

P1070722x-1024x1024The Orangery