We are Wildschut Antiques

An Amsterdam-based antiques dealer and interior studio.

Gathering & Restoring
Owners Michiel Wildschut and Baukje Stamm collect, gather and restore decorative antique objects. They share a fondness for luxurious designs from the 18th to the 20th century, which they mix and match in an unique and delightful way. Travelling all across Europe, Michiel and Baukje bring items back to Amsterdam that spark the imagination, ranging from antique armoires to vintage drums. Rather than focusing on a particular era or style, they love quirky, odd, mismatched designs and the air of faded grandeur.

Whimsical Atmosphere
Traditional pieces are paired with playful, kitsch items, creating a whimsical atmosphere. In the restoration workshop the objects are cleaned and restored while preserving the original surfaces as much as possible.

Curating Decors
Michiel and Baukje also curate decors and furniture items to suit a space, making sure that any room in your home is decorated according to your wishes. Prop rentals are available as well.

Michiel’s and Baukje’s backgrounds are in antiques, graphic and interior design. Michiel has spent his whole life surrounded by antiques and opened up his shop in Amsterdam in 2000. Baukje has a background in film, advertising and design, which is reflected in her taste for unusual and filmic compositions. Baukje is also Art Director at Wunderwald, a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on books, packaging, websites, and identity/brand design.

Michiel Wildschut and Baukje Stamm by Vorstin Photography


Made with Love

For more than 30 years, Michiel Wildschut has been selecting, restoring and selling antiques. Michiel is a craftsman with a precise hand and an eye for detail. He specializes in antique armoires from France and Italy, French mirrors and Venetian chandeliers.

In the restoration process, each object receives the loving attention that it needs. Michiel never makes concessions as he makes sure that every object that goes through his hands gets precisely the attention it deserves.



Eye for Detail and Knowledge
At Wildschut Antiques, we combine an attentive eye for detail with a background grounded in knowledge of the objects and the eras that they are from. Mix this together with a love for colours, bold designs and a sense of adventure and the Wildschut aesthetics starts to surface. Every object that we bring into our shop is carefully curated. We pay special consideration to the state of the object. We have the in-house knowledge to restore and refurbish the pieces.

Our Network
We have an extensive network that ranges from local markets and antiques dealers to international auction houses that we keep in close contact with. Our network extents to the South of Europe and Africa, specializing in items from France, Italy, Spain and Morocco. We often travel to these locations, bringing back the most exquisite items. If you have anything specific in mind (an all-white Venetian chandelier, for instance) that would brighten up your space, please let us know by contacting us - we would love to keep an eye out for the object of your dreams.


“For us the destination is not the ultimate aim. It is just part of the traveling experience. The rush of hunting down a wonderful selection of antique furniture, traveling gear, porcelains, fabrics, paintings and every day oddities. Through small and subtle interventions our objects take on a new life to be treasured again.”

Michiel Wildschut